Child Sex Trafficking in Higher Education

Professors, Presidents, Provosts & Deans

(1) Niles Edward Lehman, 57-year-old chemistry professor at Portland State University,

Niles Lehman
Lehman’s Criminal Complaint

(2) Roland L. Higgins, 72-year-old professor of East Asian History & Global Studies, Keene State College

Roland Higgins
Higgins Criminal Complaint

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

(3) Peter R. Kiwitt, a 59-year-old assistant professor of film at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT),

Peter Kiwitt

(4) David D. Blasczak, 69-year-old Assistant Clinical Professor Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

David Blasczak

(5) Stephen James Kilpatrick, a 63-year-old Professor of Mathematics at Liberty University, was arrested,

Stephen Kilpatrick

(6) David Blair DeHaven, 49-year-old Adjunct Business Professor Liberty University

David Blair DeHaven

(7) George Coleman Baker, 43-year-old Adjunct Professor Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian

George Coleman Baker

(8) Scott Cameron Lowe, 57-year-old Philosophy Department Chair, Bloomsburg University,

Scott Cameron Lowe
Scott Lowe’s Criminal Complaint

(9) Harrison Ben Smith, 37-year-old Associate Professor of Engineering, Otterbein University,

Harrison Ben Smith
Harrison Ben Smith Indictment

(10) Jack Edgar Harclerode, 71-year-old Herbert L. Spencer Professor of Biology (emeritus)

Jack Edgar Harclerode

(11) Ronald Anthony Usiewicz, 69-year-old President of International College of Hospitality Management, Everest College and Anthem College,

Ronald Anthony Usiewicz
Rondald Usiewicz’s Criminal Affidavit

Auburn University

(12) Michael Glenn Rich, 56-year-old (former) Assistant Professor of Journalism Auburn University,

Michael Glenn Rich

(13) William Matthew Carter, 52-year-old English Professor, Auburn University,

William Matthew Carter

(14) Nathan A. Madsen, 37-year-old Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, University of Tampa (UT) & Director of UT’s community orchestra,

Madsen’s Criminal Complaint

(15) Steven Phillip Brey, 53-year-old Dean, School of Arts & Humanities, Associate Professor of Religion, Methodist University,

Steven Phillip Brey
Steven Phillip Brey’s Arrest Warrant

(16) Billy John Lockhart, 36-year-old Physiatrist University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

Billy Lockhart

Central Michigan University

(17) Mark Ranzenberger, 61-year- old Professor of Journalism, Central Michigan University (CMU),

Mark Ranzenberger

(18) William Lord Merrill, 58-year-old Chair Department Teaching Education & Professional Development, Central Michigan University (CMU),

William L Merrill

American University

(19) Thomas Jackson Minar, 56-year-old President, Franklin College, was arrested, 6 January 2020,

Thomas Jackson Minar
Thomas Minar’s Criminal Complaint
Thomas Minar’s Criminal Complaint
Thomas Minar’s Criminal Complaint. Minar is “suspect.” Details from on-line chat Minar believed he was having with a 15-year-old boy.

(20) Charles Victor Kopfstein-Penk, 74-year-old Adjunct Music Professor, American University,

Charles Victor Kopfstein-Penk
Charles Victor Kopfstein-Penk Plea Agreement

(21) Richard Berendzen, (now former) President, American University, was caught, 1990, by law

Richard Berendzen
Carol Castaneda, USA Today 30 November 1990
Time Magazine 7 May 1990
The Washington Post, Judy Mann, 8 May 1990
Washington Post, Patricia Davis and Rene Sanchez, 25 April 1990, page A01
The Washington Post, Judy Mann, 8 May 1990

(22) Elliott Morse McGinnies, 94-year-old Psychology Professor (emeritus) & former Department Chair, American University,

Elliott McGinnies Police Report

(23) Langley Frissell, adjunct psychology professor and Director of Distance Education, Hawaii Pacific University (HPU), was reportedly

Langley Frissell

University of Hawaii

(24) Beei-Huan Chao, 61-year-old Graduate Chair Mechanical Engineering Department University

Beei-Huan Chao

(25) David Allan Stegenga, 63-year-old Professor of Mathematics University of Hawaii, was arrested

David Stegenga

(26) Theodore Ken Ishida, 63-year-old Assistant Professor Psychology, California State University,

Theodore Ken Ishida

(27) Christopher Blake DeZutter, Chemistry Professor University of Minnesota, was arrested,

Christopher Blake DeZutter
Christopher DeZutter Criminal Complaint

(28) Justin X. Carroll, 67-year-old Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Interim Athletic

Justin Carroll
Justin Carroll’s Criminal Complaint

(29) Steven James Devlin, 60-year-old Vice Provost, Leigh University,

Steven James Devlin

(30) Matthew J. McEnany, 60-year-old President of Keiser University, was caught, August 2015, by

Matthew J. McEnany

(31) Clyde Edward Fant, 83-year-old Dean of the Chapel, O.L. Walker Professor of Christian Studies, Institute for Christian Ethics,

Clyde Edward Fant
Clyde Edward Fant’s Plea Agreement

(32) William T. Garner, 66-year-old Dean of Education University of San Francisco (USF),

William Garner’s Sentencing Memo
William Garner’s Sentencing Memo

(33) Alan Atalah, Associate Dean Bowling Green State University’s College of Technology

Alan Atalah
Alan Atalah’s email to Ohio’s Inspector General

Villanova University

(34) Christopher Haas, 60-year-old Professor of History Villanova University,

Christopher Haas

(35) Timothy O’Connell, 51-year-old Associate Director Campus Ministry for Latino Outreach, Villanova University,

Timothy O’Connell

(36) John Patrick Shannon, 44-year-old Dean, Levin College of Law, University of Florida, was

John Patrick Shannon

Ball State University

(37) Melvin Lee Sharpe, 78-year-old Professor Emeritus, Ball State University,

Melvin Sharpe

(38) Brian Kenneth Siebenaler, 49-year-old Math Professor, Ball State University,

Brian Kenneth Siebenaler

(39) Robert Earl Yadon, 69-year-old Professor of Information and Communications Sciences, Ball State,

Robert Earl Yadon

University of North Carolina

(40) Robert Lewis Herman-Smith, 55-year-old Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work

0Lewis Herman-Smith

(41) Gilbert Kenneth Sams, 73-year-old Archaeology Professor and Classics Department Chair

Gilbert Kenneth Sams

(42) Kuo Hsiung Yang, 33-year-old Research Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina

Kuo Hsiung Yang
Kuo Hsiung Yang’s Criminal Complaint

University of Cincinnati

(43) Holt N. Parker, 59-year-old Classics Professor, University of Cincinnati (UC), was arrested,

Holt Parker
Holt Parker’s Criminal Complaint

(44) Brian T. Meadows, 76-year-old professor (retired) University of Cincinnati (UC),

Brian Meadows
Brian Meadows Criminal Complaint

(45) Charles M. Jones, 59-year-old Department of Psychology Chair, Union College (Kentucky),

Charles Jones

College of William and Mary

(46) Michael Daniel Wilson, 46-year-old Senior Biologist, College of William and Mary,

Michael Wilson

(47) Justin Bradley May, 34-year-old Assistant Professor of Economics, William and Mary,

Justin Bradley May
Justin Bradley May’s Statement of Facts
Justin Bradley May’s Statement of Facts

(48) Kenneth Martin Kyle, 47-year-old Assistant Professor of Public Affairs and Administration

Kenneth Martin Kyle

(49) Adam C. Cobb, 48-year-old Director of the Mahan Advanced Research Project, Naval War

Adam C Cobb
United States V Cobb C.A. №16-cr-6-JJM-PAS

(50) Robert S. Berardo, 56-year-old Adjunct Instructor, Department of History & Social Sciences

Robert S Berardo
Robert Berardo’s Criminal Complaint
Robert Berardo’s Criminal Complaint

(51) John Martin Favor, 49-year-old African-American Studies Chair, Dartmouth College,

John Martin Favor

University of Virginia

(52) Walter Francis Korte Jr., 72-year-old Chair Film Department, University of Virginia, was arrested,

Walter Francis Korte

(53) Michael G. Morris, 50-year-old Assistant Dean, University of Virginia (UVA)

Michael Morris
Michael Morris Sentencing Memo

Michigan State University

(54) Lawrence Gerard Nassar, 53-year-old Associate Medical Professor Michigan State University (MSU)

Lawrence G Nassar

Saginaw Valley State University

(55) Jason John Kahler, 41-year-old Assistant Professor of English Saginaw Valley State University,

Jason Kahler’s Plea Agreement

(56) Robert James Thaler, 71-year-old Assistant Professor Sociology Saginaw Valley State

Robert Thaler

University of Alabama

(57) Massimiliano (Max) Bonamente, 46-year-old Professor of Physics, University of Alabama,

Max Bonamente

(58) Nikos Alexander Pappas, 41-year-old Assistant Professor of Music, University of Alabama,

Nikos Pappas

(59) Alyssa Azotea, 37-year-old Adjunct Professor Psychology, Simmons College,

Alyssa Azotea

University of North Texas

(60) James Francis Quinn, 59-year-old Professor of Criminology, University of North Texas (UNT),

James Francis Quinn

(61) Alan Philip Marchand, Regents Professor of Chemistry University of North Texas (UNT),

Alan Philip Marchand

(62) Kevin M. Sullivan, a 60-year-old Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Emory University,

Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan’s Sentencing Memo

University of Michigan

(63) Clifford Raymond Bingham, 56-year-old, research professor, University of Michigan (UM),

Cliford Raymond Bingham

(64) Mark Franklin Hoeltzel, 46-year-old Associate Professor Pediatric Rheumatology, University of

Mark Franklin Hoeltzel

(65) James Daniel Cavalcoli, 51-year-old Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics, University of Michigan

James Daniel Cavalcoli
James Cavalcoli’ Criminal Complaint “Jim” is Cavalcoli inviting the “father” of the child to join in or watch

(66) Stephen Douglas Jenson, pediatric oncologist resident, University of Michigan (UM), was

Stephen Jenson
Stephen Jenson’s Criminal Complaint

(67) James Lesner Query, Jr., 55-year-old Director Institute for Health and Environmental Communications, James Madison University (JMU),

James Lesner Query Jr.

University of North Dakota

(68) Robert William Beattie, 55-year-old Family and Community Medicine Department Chair,

Robert Beattie

(69) Eric Hewitt Basile, 37-year-old Assistant Professor of Aviation, University of North Dakota

Eric Hewitt Basile

(70) Richard J. Keller, 56-year-old Adjunct Instructor, Harvard University’s Medical School &

Richard Keller
Richard Keller’s Indictment

Ohio State University

(71) Christopher Edward Pelloski, 42-year-old Director of Pediatric Radiation Oncology,

Christopher Edward Pelloski

(72) David Harold Scanlan III, 38-year-old pediatric oncologist, Pennsylvania State University

David H Scanlan

(73) Bradley Robbert, 41-year-old Adjunct Professor Tulane University,

Bradley Robbert

George Mason University

(74) Alan Clyde More, 76-year-old Adjunct Professor and Employer in Residence, George Mason

Alan Clyde More
George Mason University Police Response to a Freedom of Information Request

(75) Joshua Jesse Robert Gessler, 41-year-old Adjunct Professor George Mason University

Joshua J.R. Gessler

(76) Diego Fasolini, 42-year-old Professor of Italian Language, George Washington University (GWU)

Diego Fasolini
Diego Fasolini’s Criminal Complaint

(77) Noel D. Campbell, 45-year-old Professor of Economics, University of Central Arkansas (UCA),

Noel Campbell

(78) Gary S. Spring, 61-year-old Civil Engineering Department Chair, Merrimack College

Gary S. Spring
Gary Spring’s Criminal Complaint

(79) Christopher Steven Haynes, 64-year-old Geography Lecturer, Humboldt State University,

Christopher Steven Haynes

(80) Micah James Maurio, 28-year-old Adjunct Music Instructor University of Southern Maine (USM),

Micah James Maurio
Bangor Daily News 10 January 2001

(81) Larry Gene Peppers, 67-year-old Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Clemson University,

Larry Gene Peppers
Larry Gene Peppers’s Indictment

(82) Robert Joel Rice, 55-year-old Director Strategic War Gaming (Lt. Col.) Army War College,

Robert Joel Rice

(83) Kirk Jeffery Nesset, 57-year-old Professors of English and Creative Writing, Allegheny College,

Kirk Nesse
Kirk Nesset Criminal Complaint
Victim Civl Suit Filed Againt Kirk Nesett
Victim Civl Suit Filed Againt Kirk Nesett

(84) Travis Jay Brown, 45-year-old Assistant Professor Graphic Design, University of Arkansas,

Travis Jay Brown

Wright State University

(85) Gary Colbert Farlow, Associate Professor of Physics, Wright State University,

Gary Colbert Farlow

(86) James Kent Uphoff, 76-year-old former Dean, Teacher Education Chair & Director Professional Field Experiences, Wright State University,

James Uphoff
Uphoff’s Plea Deal

(87) Jonathan Curtis Varhola, 38-year-old former Instructor of Sociology, Wright State University,

Jonathan Curtis Varhola

(88) Richard Thaddeus Pokryfka, 70-year-old (retired) Professor of Business Administration, The Citadel,

Richard Thaddeus Pokryfka

(89) Frank McCorkle Lombard, 43-year-old Associate Director Center for Health Policy, Duke University

Frank Lombard

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)

(90) Lawrence Scott Ward, 63-year-old (former) Marketing Department Chair, Wharton School

L. Scott Ward

(91) Paul H. Mosher, 66-year-old Vice Provost & Director of Libraries University of Pennsylvania (UPenn),

Paul H Mosher

(92) Antonio C. Lasaga, 48-year-old geology professor Yale University,

Antonia C Lasaga
Lasaga’s Appeal
Hartford Courant 20 May 2000
Lasaga’s Appeal

(93) Yaron Segal, 30-year-old post-doctoral researcher Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

Yaron Segal
Yaron Segal’s Criminal Complaint

(94) Taj Alexander Mahon-Haft, 34-year-old Assistant Professor Criminal Justice, Radford University,

Taj Mahon-Haft

University of Kentucky

(95) Neil Mason Williams, 59-year-old Associate Director Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory University of Kentucky (UK),

Neil Mason Williams

(96) Ryan Michael Keith, 33-year-old Pediatric Resident University of Kentucky Hospital,

Ryan Keith

(97) Donald Earle Ratcliff, 60-year-old Price-LeBar Professor of Christian Education, Wheaton College,

Donald Ratcliff

(98) Joseph Jerome Benz, 52-year-old psychology professor University of Nebraska,

Joseph Jerome Benz

Texas A&M

(99) Matthew Kirk Irwin, 47-year-old Assistant Professor Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Texas A&M University-Galveston,

Matthew Kirk Irwin

(100) Douglas Paul Dohrman, 43-year-old Assistant Professor of Human Anatomy and Medical Neurobiology, Texas A&M,

Douglas Paul Dohrman

(101) Walter Lee Williams, 64-year-old (retired) professor of Anthropology, History and Gender Studies, University of Southern California (USC),

Walter Lee Williams


(102) Pamela Kay Coke, 50-year-old Associate Professor English Education Colorado State University (CSU),

Pamela Coke

(103) Raymond Vance Fulkerson, 63-year-old Musical Theatre Program Director, University of Northern Colorado (UNC-Colorado)

Raymond Vance Fulkerson

(104) Daniel Miles Cress, 53-year-old Sociology and Criminal Justice Professor and Honors Program Director at Western Colorado University,

Daniel Miles Cress
Daniel Cress Criminal Complaint

(105) Scott Bradford Bean, 47-year-old Brass and Percussion Department Chair, University of Denver (DU),

Scott Bean

(106) Mark David Baertschy, 35-year-old Physics Professor University of Colorado Denver,

Mark David Baertschy

(107) Kevin Gregory Fuller, 41-year-old Associate Professor of Biology Columbia College Chicago,

Kevin Gregory Fuller
Kevin G Fuller’s Criminal Complaint — Fuller is lifesrichpagaent

(108) Faiz A. Al-Khayyal, 61-year-old Associate Professor Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech),

Faiz Al-Khayyal

(109) Diane Maire Ross, 45-year-old English Department Chair, Lake Forest College,

Diane Marie Ross

(110) Edward Bryan Roberts, 54-year-old physics professor Winona State University (WSU),

(111) Gavin C. Swiatek, 49-year-old biochemistry instructor Rutgers University,

Gavin Swiatek
New Jersey Attorney General Press Release

(112) Andrew Whitmore Campbell, 35-year-old English instructor Wake Tech Community College,

Andrew W. Campbell

Florida State University

(113) Michael Edward Sullivan, 49-year-old Teaching Assistant English Department Florida State University (FSU),

Michael E. Sullivan
Michael Sullivan’s Probable Cause Statement

(114) Dayton Michael Cramer, 70-year-old Deputy General Counsel Florida State University (FSU),

Dayton Michael Cramer
Cramer Criminal Complaint

(115) Michael Dean Stroup, 52-year-old Associate Dean, Rusche College of Business, Stephen F.

Michael Dean Stroup

University of Wisconsin

(116) Dennis B. Tomashek, 54-year-old Lecturer, Department of Occupational Science &

(117) Matthew LeRoy Faerber, 51-year-old Professor of Vocal Music Education & Choral Director University of Wisconsin Superior (UWS),

Matthew Faerber

(118) Duff G. Campbell, a 59-year-old Associate Professor of Mathematics Hendrix College,

Duff Campbell

(119) Eugene Michael Hendrix, 60-year-old Associate Biomedical Sciences Professor Missouri State University (MSU),

Eugene Michael Hendrix
Hendrix’ Criminal Complaint

(120) Guy R. Rosenschein, 63-year-old pediatric surgeon and adjunct clinical professor at

Guy R. Rosenschein
Rosenschein’s US Detention Amended Response 2017 — “cambodia1994” is Rosenschein’s on-line name
Rosenschein’s US Detention Amended Response 2017 — “cambodia1994” is Rosenschein’s on-line name

Brigham Young University

(121) Robert Bentley Jackson, 64-year-old Assistant Professor Information Systems

Robert Jackson

(122) Michio Zushi, a 55-year-old adjust professor Utah Valley University & Brigham Young University,

Michio Zushi

(123) In Soo Ahn, 63-year-old Chair Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Bradley

In Soo Ahn

(124) Brian Kent Birky, 61-year-old Director Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute

Brian Birky
Brian Birky’s Criminal Complaint

(125) James (Jaime) R. Lara, Medieval Art History Professor, Arizona State University (ASU),

Jaime Lara removed from church for child sex abuse

(126) Howard Joseph Vorder Bruegge III, 35-year-old math professor Hillsborough Community College

Howard Joseph Vorder Bruegge III Criminal Complaint

University of Connecticut

(127) Robert F. Miller, 66-year-old Music Department Chair, University of Connecticut,

Robert Miller
University investigation into Robert Miller

(128) Jason Derek Gibson, 38-year-old Assistant Research Professor, Department of Molecular &

Jason Derek Gibson

(129) Adolfo Zayas-Bazan Albaisa, 56-year-old Adjunct Professor, University of Miami & Florida

Adolfo Zayas-Bazan Albaisa

University of Utah

(130) Grant Douglas Smith, 47-year-old Professor of Material Science and Engineering, University of Utah,

Grant D Smith

(131) Sterling Van Wagenen, 71-year-old, Film & Media Arts Professor, University of Utah,

Sterling Van Wagenen

(132) Charles Morgan, 46-year-old Math Department Chair, Lock Haven University,

Charles Morgan

(133) Kevin Connor Armitage, 53-year-old professor Associate Professor American Studies Miami University (Ohio),

Kevin Connor Armitage
Kevin Connor Armitage Plea Agreement

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

(134) Thomas Fairleigh Denove, 70-year-old former

Thomas F. Denove

(135) Guido Germano, 59-year-old Medical Professor, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Guido Germano

(136) Reginald Archibald, Assistant Resident Physician Department of Nephrology and Special Investigator,

Reginald Archibald

(137) Joshua Robert McDill, 46-year-old Adjunct Professor, Napa Valley College,

Joshua Robert McDill

(138) Paul W. King, 62-year-old Humanities Lecturer New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT),

Paul King

(139) John R. Porter, 63-year-old Biology Graduate Programs Director, University of the Sciences

John R. Porter

(140) Brian J. Coley, 50-year-old Assistant Professor of English at Joliet Junior College (JJC),

Brian J. Coley
Joliet Junior College Interoffice Memo 21 January 2020

(141) John R. Lewis, 67-year-old (retired) Director of Business and International Education Missouri Southern State University,

John Lewis

(142) Val A. Christensen, 63-year-old Associate Professor of Art and Spiva Art Gallery Director Missouri Southern State University (MSSU),

(143) Philip J. Gregory, 48-year-old Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Creighton University,

Philip Gregory

(144) Mark Deymond Fugler, 61-year-old Civil Engineering Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical

Mark Fugler

(145) Amol Tarachand Kharabe, 41-year-old Assistant Professor of Business at Ohio University (OU),

Amol Kharabe

(146) Keith Andrew Walters, 44-year-old Dean College of Science and Mathematics Valdosta

Keith Andrew Walters

(147) Douglas Wonders, 63-year-old Adjunct Professor of Photography at Syracuse University

Douglas Wonders
Kenneth Kavajecz

(148) Richard Wesley Gibbs, 66-year-old Chair of the Journalism Department Shippensburg University

Richard Wesley Gibbs

(149) Paul S. Hines, 73-year-old former Interium Dean and Chemistry Professor at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU),

Paul Hines

(150) David Roger Allen, 55-year-old Director of Theater at Midland College,

David Roger Allen

(151) Mark Manion, 51-year-old Philosophy Program Director, Drexel University,

Mark Manion

(152) David Matthew Morgan, 37-year-old Assistant Professor Biblical Studies and Associate Director of the Bryan Institute, Bryan College,

David Morgan

(153) Sean M. Janson, 32-year-old, Visiting Lecturer English Department Bridgewater State University

Sean M. Janson

(154) John Clifford Longnecker, 77-year-old (retired) Math & Computer Professor University Northern Iowa (UNI),

John Clifford Longnecker

Davidson College

(155) Michael Thomas Bovino, 38-year-old Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry Davidson College

Michael Thomas Bovino

(156) Michael Edwin Dorcas, 53-year-old Biology Professor Davidson College,

Micahel E Dorcas

(157) Gary Dean Uhlenkott, 67-year-old Professor of Music and Jesuit Priest Gonzaga University,

Gary Dean Uhlenkott

(158) John Preston Creech, 58-year-old Psychology Professor Collin County Community College,

John Preston Creech

(159) Kurt Elliot Mitman, 37-year-old Visiting Scholar Economics Department Stanford Univesity and an

Kurt Elliott Mitman

(160) Balazs Tarnai, 35-year-old Association Professor of Special Education Seton Hall

Balazs Tarnai

(161) Matin Lynn Peterson, 76-year-old, (former) Director of University of Idaho’s James A. and Louise McClure Center for Public Policy Research,

Martin L Peterson
Peterson’s Amended Criminal Complaint

(162) Henry Kamen, 80-year-old Visiting Professor of Spanish History, University of Chicago,

Henry Kamen

University Central Florida

(163) Laszlo Marosi, 59-year-old Associate Professor of Music University of Central Florida (UCF),

Laszlo Marosi

(164) Michael Shawn Reichert, 37-year-old Assistant Professor Political Science, University Central Florida (UCF),

Michael Shawn Reichert
UCF Police Report

(165) John Stewart Russell, 59-year-old Adjunct Assistant Professor, City College of New York (CCNY),

John Stewart Russell

(166) Stephen Pulsford, 61-year-old Chair of the English Department, Berea College,

Stephen Pulsford


(167) Edward Joseph Michaels, 67-year-old Counseling Center Director University of Pittsburgh (Pitt),

Edward Michaels

(168) Adam Zydney, 26-year-old (former) Center for Talented Youth Staff Johns Hopkins University,

Adam Zydney

(169) Ryan K. Gavigan, 28-year-old Assistant Residence Director and Student Conduct Advisor Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities Syracuse University,

Ryan K. Gavigan

(170) Andre Rudolph Barbins, a 45-year-old swimming coach at St. Mary’s College in Maryland,

Andre Barbins
Barbins Statement of Fact

(171) Jon Timothy Riveire, Jr., 32-year-old Assistant Director Student Conduct, Office of Student, Ethics Indiana University,

Jon Riveire
Jon Riveire’s Probable Cause

(172) Benjamin Thomas Felker, 28-year-old Lab Associate, Biology Department, Wheaton College (Illinois),

Benjammin Thomas Felker

(173) Dennis Rae Ledbetter, 46-year-old Public Safety Lieutenant, Auburn University,

Dennis Ledbetter

(174) Paul Bradley Meagher, 43-year-old Campus Police Officer, University of North Dakota (UND),

Paul Bradley Meagher

(175) Trevor Theron Long, a 29-year-old South Florida State College information technology (IT)

Jay Meisel, Highlands Today, 24 March 2015
Trevor Theron Long
Trevor Long’s Second Arrest Record May 2021

(176) David M. Linnehan, a 39-year-old information technology (IT) staff at Springfield College,

David Linnehan

(177) Daniel P. Shaw, 47-year-old information technology (IT) staff for Purdue University,

Indiana Sex Offender Registry

(178) Steven Germinder, a 58-year-old Finance Reconciliation Specialist University of Michigan,

Steven Germinder
Germinder’s Crimianl Complaint

(179) Jeffrey Shira, a 60-year-old information technology (IT) employee with Ohio University,

Jeffrey Shira

(180) Charles Hitlin, 42-year-old Head of Information Technology (IT) at University of North Carolina

North Carolina Sex Offender Registry

(181) Stan Wright, a 58-year-old media employee at Northern Michigan University (NMU),

Stan Wright

(182) Randal Ray Schmidt, 52-year-old Maintenance Supervisor, Ball State University,

Randal Ray Schmidt

(183) Braden Vale Jay Robinson, 24-year-old Residence Hall Director, Ball State University,

Braden Robinson
Robinson’s Affidavit of Probable Cause

(184) Pejman Kamkarian, Information Technology (IT) Staff, Southern Illinois University,

Pejman Kamkarian

(185) Gregory D. Cantrell, 61-year-old Associate Director, Environmental Health & Safety, Princeton

Gregory Cantrell

(186) David Scott Delaney, 28-year-old Police Officer, Red Rocks Community College,

David Scott Delaney
David Scott Delaney’s Arrest Warrant

(187) David Rex Briggs, 44-year-old Financial Operations Staff, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,

David Rex Briggs

(188) Samuel E. LaSala, 47-year-old Systems Developer/Directory Manager, Montclair University,

Samuel LaSala Criminal Complaint
Samuel LaSala Criminal Complaint

(189) George Wright Sessen, 42-year-old Research Technologist, Center for Empirical Research,

George Wright Sessen
George Wright Sessen’s Criminal Complaint
Washington University Press Release on Sessen receipt of their Ethics of Service Award

(190) Jay Lyle Dobberke, 63-year-old Physics Lab Tehcnician at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Jay Dobberket

(191) Michael Scott Govig, 44-year-old Assistant Softball Coach, Creighton University,

Michael Scott Govig

(192) Matthew Yunho Chan, 34-year-old Associate Director for Diversity Initiatives, Virginia Polytechnic, Center for Earth & Environ Nanotech

Matthew Chan

(193) Robert Marshall, 52-year-old Director of Campus Safety, Thomas Moore College,

Robert Marshall

(194) Ronald Godby, 53-year-old Police Lieutenant, Northwestern University,

Ronald Godby

(195) Benjamin Gran, 37-year-old Computer Tech, Auburn Green River Community College

Benjamin Gran

(196) Walter Johnson, 69-year-old Assistant Track Coach, Harvard University,

Walter Johnson
Walter Johnson is “Suspect Craigslist E-mail” in Johnson’s fedearl Criminal Complaint

(197) Douglas Christian Perlitz, 40-year-old affiliated employee Fairfield University, Director Project Pierre Toussaint School & Residential Village for Street

Douglas Perlitz
While held in custody, during the legal process, Perlitz and his brother engaged in what appeared to be plots/threats to harm/intimidate the USG female prosecutor on the case (pg. 15 Gov’t Sentencing Memo)
Paul Carrier

(198) Michael Sondheimer, 59-year-old UCLA Associate Athletic Director of Academic Admissions

Michael Sondheimer
“UCLA Employee Resign Amid Allegation He Engaged in Sexual Chats with Kids Online,” CBS, 2 July 2013

(199) Kyle Patrick Loughlin, 21-year-old Children’s Center Staffer, Bridgewater State University (BSU),

Kyle Patrick Loughlin

(200) Judith Ritacco, 53-year-old Director of the Children’s Center, Bridgewater State University,

Judith Ritacco

Pennsylvania State University (PSU aka Penn State)

(201) Gerald Arthur Sandusky, 75-year-old Assistant Football Coach, Pennsylvania State University (PSU),

Jerry Sandusky

(202) Jeremy Cole Whorley, 29-year-old Accountant, Liberty University,

Jeremy Cole Whorley

(203) Luis Morales, 60-year-old janitor, Saint Mary’s College (Indiana),

Luis Morales

(204) Joel T. Archambault, 28-year-old Deputy Police Chief, State University of New York (SUNY) Albany,

Joel T. Archambault

(205) Jason Noel Lingerfelt, 47-year-old Police Officer & Assistant Professor of Military Science, Univeristy of North Georgia (UNG),

Jason Noel Lingerfelt

(206) Robert Andrew Parsons, 37-year-old Police Office, Ohio University (OU),

Robert Andrew Parsons

(207) Mark George Brittan, 40-year-old Staffer, Accessibility Compliance Center & Education Support Services for Disabled Students,

Mark George Brittan

(208) David Goodwin Watson, 62-year-old Director of Cultural Events, Pace University,

David Goodwin Watson
David Goodwin Watson Sex Offender Registration Hearing (SORA)

(209) Scott Lane, 34-year-old, Executive Director of Donor Relations & Fundraising, Pace University,

Scott Lane

(210) Joseph Charles O’Neill, 31-year-old Daycare Staffer, University of Arkansas (UA),

Joseph Charles O’Neill

(211) John Paul Early, 36-year-old Senior Analyst Enterprise Systems -SCT Banner Student System, Lehigh University,

John Paul Early

(212) Ronald John Sinacore, 55-year-old Associate Director, Office of Equity and Diversity Services,

Ronald John Sinacore

(213) Robert Jason Fain, 51-year-old IT staffer at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT),

Reporter Magazine — RIT Student Paper

(214) Nathan Charles Fassnacht, 32 year-old Child Care Staff, Ohio State University (OSU)

Nathan Fassnacht

(215) Brent Martin, 31-year-old Assistant Director Daycare, Butler Community College,

Brent Martin

(216) Tyler Gene Liddle, 32-year-old former Idaho State University finance employee,

Tyler Gene Liddle

(217) William Aaron Doty, 33-year-old Sports Information Director, Malone University,

William Aaron Doty Jr.

(218) Hosea Taylor Watson III, 58-year-old Curator Paul W. Bryant Museum, University of Alabama

Hosea Watson III


(1) Benjamin Levin, 63 year old “celebrated professor” at University of Toronto

Ben Levin from the Toronto Sun Files
Christie Blatchford: Child porn guilty plea caps Ontario scholar’s stunning fall from grace


Child Sex Trafficking in Higher Education

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