Maine’s HHS Child Protection Staff are Trafficking Children

My daughter Mila — trafficked by Maine’s Child Protection Staff
Co-Director of Spurwink, Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners, sworn affidavit.

(1) Blunt Force Trauma to my 4-year-old Daughter’s Head

Emergency Room Report
Mila Explaining How Her Father Hit Her in the Head with a Pan
Alicia Cummings April 5
Alicia Cummings April 6
Alicia Cummings 6 April (2)
Alicia Cummings Call where I explain that my daughter is being illegally withheld
Kathy Vielleux (2)
Kathy Vielleux (3)
Kathy Vielleux 5 April 2011
Kathy Vielleux 8 April 2011
Kathy Vielleux April 2011 Important Call
Kathy Vielleux April (4)
Kathy Vielleux (6)
Kathy Vielleux 15 April 2011
Kathy Vielleux Call about Kevin Wells
Kathy Vielleux 2 Feb 2012
Call with Amanda Hollander

(2) Ten Times the Legal Limit of Methamphetamine in my 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Urine

Dr. Carl Baum’s sworn affidavit
Rebecca Austin 7 June 2011 (1)
Rebecca Austin 7 June 2011 (2)
Mark Dalton 19 July 2011
Mark Dalton, Therese Cahill-Lowe, Janice Stuver 8 August 2011 Meeting
Mila explaining the picture she drew of the black rock

(3) Long, Red Abrasion on my 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Bikini-Line

Marie Kelly 31 March 2011 — Reporting blow to my daughter’s head
Marie Kelly 5 April 2011
Marie Kelly — Reporting Meth and Mila’s ER Visit
Marie Kelly — Rubbed vs Hit — Mila’s ER Report
Marie Kelly Saying She Will Take No Action on Latest ER Report
Marie Kelly Telling Me I Will Not Have Access to My File
Marie Kelly Transferring the Case to Alicia Cummings

(4) SANE Nurse Angie DelVecchio

Angie DelVecchio 8 March 2010
Call with Cadillac Family Medicine Trying to get my Files.
Another call trying to get my daughter’s medical records

(5) There are many more calls, as I was passed from one HHS employee to another.

Louise Boisvert 16 May 2011
John Martins April 2011

(6) Christine (Chris) Smith

First call to Chris Smith, the caseworker assigned my case after Marie Kelly is pushed out
Second Chris Smith Call
Fourth Chris Smith Call
Fifth Chris Smith Call
Sixth Chris Smith Call
Chris Smith Meeting with Judy Potter and Steve Pickering

(7) Polly Campbell, Director HHS Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Program

  • a very high dose of methamphetamine in Mila’s urine (tested after her father was summonsed for stealing cough syrup from a supermarket);
  • the fact that Mila was with him when he was caught stealing the cough syrup;
  • a disclosure about her father “blowing ‘mith’ in my face”;
  • a drawing depicting how her father “sniffs rocks”;
  • an affidavit from Dr. Karl Baum, Pediatric Toxicologist at Yale-New Haven Medical Center validating the danger to Mila of the high dose of methamphetamine;
  • a bruise on Mila’s forehead and a disclosure by Mila that her father hit her in the head with a pan because she was crying;
  • an affidavit from Dr. Eli Neuberger, child abuse expert at Boston’s Children’s Hospital expressing concern about this blow to Mila’s head;

HHS Inspector General Daniel Levinson

My Call to DHHS Inspector General in Washington DC Requesting an Investigation

Open a Federal Investigation of Maine’s Child Protection Staff

Child Sex Trafficking in Higher Education

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Lori Handrahan

Lori Handrahan

Child Sex Trafficking in Higher Education

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